Everyone needs a mentor.  Whether you are just starting out to become a photographer or if you are already one and are looking for some inspiration to relight the spark inside. The one thing I have discovered as a photographer is that I am always learning and growing every time I am photographing. I always ensure that I have my “photography tribe” around me and to have this support network is so important. The guidance I gain through my own mentors act as my source of inspiration for my work and I hope to provide this for you. 

My one on one mentoring covers three main topics. Business Techniques, Shooting and Post Production. For my beginners or hobbyists who are just starting out in photography, topics include anything from the Photography Basics (how to shoot in manual mode and mastering the exposure triangle.) How to use your DSLR camera, different posing ideas and how to ensure your subjects look flattering in your images, techniques on bringing out the emotion of your subjects, ways on utilising the light in your sessions, composition and basic editing techniques. 

If you are a seasoned photographer and you already know the basics and you’re looking for some extra guidance and support topics can include way to evoke the emotion in your subjects, different compositions, workflow/shot lists, post production, business + financial techniques, client interactions, developing your own style and natural and emotional posing.

I will also go through your portfolio and discuss your images. This is an opportunity to go through your work together, critique it, discuss image selection and your ideal clients.



1 Hour Mentoring Session: $100
$100 per hour

Weekly Mentoring:  $250 per week
[ 5 hours per week + includes live photo sessions]

Half Day Mentoring Session: $895
[ includes lunch + critique ]

All Day One on One Mentoring:   $1250
[ includes a live photo session + lunch ]

Payment plans are also available.



Emily O’Brien is a Camden-based photographer, visual storyteller and owns a thriving lifestyle family and newborn photography business. Emily strongly believes that behind every person there is a different story to be told and believes that photography is a visual way of telling stories. Emily draws from the love, the laughter and the atmosphere surrounding you, all the while aiming to document your story as it unfolds. 

In her workshops Emily will demonstrate how to capture the emotions within her images and to guide you through engaging with your subject to help bring out that emotion and help visually tell the stories of your subjects. During the workshop Emily will focus on different aspects throughout her sessions including the photography basics (how to shoot in manual mode and using your camera to its full potential) how to use your DSLR camera, posing  naturally and keeping it real, ensuring your clients look flattering in your images, techniques on bringing out the emotion of your subjects and utilising the light you have available.

If there is anything in particular you would like to learn just ask and Emily will be able to help!

In these workshops sessions you will develop and expand on your photography knowledge.  You will gain some new creative tools & techniques to help you to get the most out of your photography sessions and help you be a better photographer. 


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Capturing the emotion and connection

SUNDAY 31st MARCH 2019

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Capturing the emotion and connection

Sunday 16th June 2019



To register your interest please fill in the form below or you can email

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